Historically, the nature of remote work or extreme remote work in the industrial sector has always been significant and often prohibitive with regard to operational, logistical, and administrative challenges (Rhodes, 1996). Many challenges relate to population management regarding safe and cost-effective transport to and from the remote area and all aspects of worker health and well-being. As technology evolves, the tendency is to push further away from mainstream health care resources into inherently riskier remote areas. Innovation and technology are now presenting opportunities to push traditionally limiting remote area boundaries for all types of industry. Such limitations have historically resulted in significant levels of remote health care management complications.

RemoteMD and its founder, Dr. Kotler, have been involved with Telemedicine/Telehealth from its inception, providing medical expertise to the far reaches of the world including all 7 Continents. In the early days, patient contacts were strictly limited to voice communication and even this was sketchy and undependable. Transmission issues inherent to Satellite Communication, bandwidth limitations and the effects of atmospheric conditions quickly caught Dr. Kotler’s attention. Clear, quick, concise, accurate lines of communication were imperative. Accurate diagnosis and treatment and potential lifesaving decisions depended upon this verbal communication being 100% reliable. Thus, began the quest of looking for a better delivery system. Methods and procedures were developed that remain at the core of everything RemoteMD does to this day. Our methodology and proprietary Telemedicine Systems, which began as an answer to the archaic technology of the time, have developed into a powerful solution for today’s remote healthcare challenges.