Medical Staffing

RemoteMD offers highly trained specialized paramedics, physicians, and nurses – Industrial Remote Environment Medical Specialists (IREMS) – to provide on-site medical care.

Industrial Remote Environment Medical Specialists (IREMS)

  • An IREMS is a multi-disciplinary trained medical professional functioning as a Physician Extender in a remote environment. All IREMS are mandated to complete the OccuMedics course and must possess the requisite skills necessary to function in other capacities; thus, making them cost-effective in facilitating the success of the operation. Moreover, IREMS can be deployed globally and in sync with the relevant linguistic requirements of the location of the project.

    Key performance areas are:

    • Drilling & Production Clerk
    • HSE Advisors
    • Environmental Inspectors/Auditors
    • Accident Prevention Mechanism
    • First Aid/CPR/AED Instructors
    • Pre-tower Safety Meeting Facilitators
    • Certified Helicopter Landing Officer
    • Confined Space Rescue
    • Safety Auditors & Fire Inspectors
    • Emergency Evacuation/Training Coordinators
    • Job-site Orientation Instructors