Medical Control

Medical Control goes beyond the medicine!

Immediate Response

A RemoteMD physician is available 24/7/365 to consult with the on-site Industrial Remote Environment Medical Specialist (IREMS). Accounting for the critical nature of an emergency call, RemoteMD is dedicated to ensuring there are no delays in the paramedic-physician chain to establish a triple redundancy communications system for immediate response to every call. Each call is routed directly to a physician.

Continuity of Care

Patient care is of paramount importance. RemoteMD strives to provide quality care and ensuring that the patient is fit for duty; not only those patients that are treated on-site but also those who require a higher level of care. Coordinating between medical facilities while maintaining appropriate documentation and oversight of all patient cases help expedite patient care and allows for ongoing communication with the client. When necessary, RemoteMD can immediately call upon its esteemed network of specialists for consultations.

Awareness of Regulations

RemoteMD’s physicians are not only well-rounded medical experts but have profound knowledge of industry regulations such as OSHA, IADC, Jones Act, Worker’s Compensation, and U.S. Coast Guard, enabling them to treat patients with unrivaled expertise. RemoteMD does not believe in “standing orders” or “protocols”; each patient is an individual and is treated with an acute awareness of the regulatory significance of the decisions implemented.

Prioritizing Safety

Safety is the top-most priority for physicians associated with RemoteMD as they strive to maintain a keen awareness of important logistical considerations created as a result of remote operations. Working in close collaboration with the client, RemoteMD develops a Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP) involving local hospitals, medical providers, and logistical resources specific to the operations requisite by the client.