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We Integrate Technology with Medicine and Training

RemoteMD provides a revolutionary concept in healthcare delivery to Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities by integrating technology, medicine, and training, thereby delivering the latest Gold Standard in high-quality definitive medical care.

Building on two decades of experience and cutting-edge advancements, our specialized telemedicine program is designed to meet the unique needs of the growing senior population who want to continue living their best lives.

With the threat of COVID ongoing, treating residents onsite is as important as ever. Our approach delivers exceptional medical care within Senior Living communities, dramatically reducing, if not eliminating, unnecessary transports and 30-day readmissions. At the same time, we work with your team to provide the highest quality care that is faster, safer, and less stressful for your residents.

Key Benefits

Always Available

Instant access 24/7 to medical providers, specialists, and emergency telemedicine based on state-of-the-art remote diagnostic technology

  • No appointment needed
  • No waiting when response time is critical
Cost Reduction

Dramatic reduction in unnecessary transports and 30-day readmissions, and associated costs

Speed is the Key

Increased quality and speed of resident care and comfort while minimizing stress and risks of exposure

Elevated Skills

Customized, cost-effective training that elevates staff capabilities

We Hire Only the Best…

Then Train Them to Be Even Better

The RemoteMD Team consists of doctors, paramedics, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and other healthcare professionals with a proven track record in emergency medicine.

We further train our people to the highest academic standards in the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment* and how to deliver preventive, primary, emergency and life-saving medical care using telemedicine protocols we’ve perfected over the past 20 years.

* Heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, lung sounds, 12-lead EKG, ultrasound imaging. Coming soon: pharmacy care, echocardiograms, full metabolic profile (CBC), blood gas testing, and partnership with PointClickCare(PCC).

Unnecessary transports and avoidable ER visits have caused healthcare costs to soar. RemoteMD is helping to reverse that.

In a recent RemoteMD pilot program unnecessary transports were reduced by 86% and 30-day readmissions were eliminated entirely.

“RemoteMD’s revolutionary approach to initial admittance exams lets us design the most effective treatment, prevention and follow-up plans to virtually eliminate the need for 30-day hospital readmissions. Savings to the healthcare system could be in the billions.”

How RemoteMD is Making a Difference

CMS paid $4.34 billion in 2018 due to 30-day readmits; 78% of visits were deemed avoidable, resulting in $3.39 billion in unnecessary expense.

The CDC reported 130 million ER visits in 2018; only 12% resulted in admissions.

UnitedHealth Group reported 67% of hospital ER visits in 2018 were avoidable.

23.5% of patients admitted to ALF/SNF resulted in 30-day readmits with an average Medicare payment of $10,352.

Of those 65+ 28% resulted in admissions, suggesting up to 72% of these costly, risky, and time-consuming transports were unnecessary.

An average non-emergent ER visit costs $2,032 compared to $200-$300 for a Telehealth visit.

More about how RemoteMD innovative approach can benefit your residents and their families, your staff, and your organization

Reduce Unnecessary Transports,

30-Day Readmits, Associated Costs and Risks

When the PCP is unavailable (or there isn’t one) our medical providers – all highly skilled in emergency medicine, Telehealth, and virtual delivery of personalized care – are instantly available 24/7 through our website and telemedicine platform – without an appointment, and in time to prevent life-threatening infections, such as sepsis and MRSA.

For the residents, the outcome is more immediate, higher quality care delivered in a way that dramatically reduces:

  • Number of unnecessary transports and admissions to higher-cost medical facilities, significantly reducing costs for the residents and families
  • Risk of COVID-19 and other highly-infectious diseases associated with ER visits (which may require quarantine upon readmission), as well as exposure to colds, flu, and other ailments easily contracted when visiting doctors’ offices
  • Stress (especially for those in Memory Care), and risk of slips, trips, and falls when traveling

For the organization, meeting or exceeding CMS thresholds for readmissions reduces costs, averts fines, and provides “bonus” opportunities that come with excelling in controlling CMS costs – all while delivering a higher quality of care.

Improve Care and Create More Positive Experience

In addition to the comfort and safety that comes with treating residents onsite, our innovative approach provides:

  • Elevated knowledge, skills and capabilities of staff through exacting RemoteMD training
  • Access to an expansive portfolio of specialty care physicians, e.g., Cardiology, Behavioral Health, Geriatrics, ER Doctors, etc. – all available for immediate or same-day consultations
  • Improved continuity of care through superior levels of documentation, communication, and personal involvement
  • Improved management of chronic illnesses (e.g., diabetes, COPD, CHF) through regular remote monitoring
  • Reduced time and stress residents endure while waiting for medical treatment to begin
  • Guidance in emergencies to monitor and direct code/emergency situations until EMS arrives
  • More active role by family members, e.g., video conferences, maintenance visits, wellness exams, etc.

Partner With Your Team

We don’t replace your team, alter or interfere with their responsibilities. We augment your in-house skills and capabilities with the latest in Telehealth technologies and become a trusted partner in delivering superior, personalized healthcare within your community culture.

We are able to do that by installing state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and training your team to the highest and most exacting standards on how to:

  • Use all equipment properly;
  • Work with our remote physicians to thoroughly and accurately evaluate the situation; and
  • Deliver the best and most compassionate care possible, while respecting the comfort, dignity, and wishes of the resident.

Working with your highly-trained team of professional caregivers, RemoteMD is able to:

  • Connect immediately 24/7 to conduct a virtual visit so we’re right “there” when you and your residents need us most
  • Perform and read diagnostics in real-time: heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, 12-lead EKG, ultrasound, lung sounds, and more. [On the horizon: pharmacy care, echocardiograms, full metabolic profile (CBC), blood gas testing]
  • Order lab work
  • Call in prescriptions
  • Facilitate necessary follow-up visits
  • Provides initial admission assessment and develop a plan dependent upon the resident’s risk of 30-day readmission

Based on thorough, factual, real-time information, our providers can determine if the resident should be transported elsewhere, or if they can receive the needed medical care right where they are – more comfortably and with less stress, risk and cost. If transport or specialty care is needed, our physician communicates with the receiving physician.

In all situations, medical records are created/updated for each visit. We ensure continuity of care by providing complete information to the PCP, and faxing directly from eClinicalWorks (ECW) to the community’s Medical Director and providers. If the resident does not have a PCP, we continue to work with your staff to monitor progress and conduct follow-up visits. [On the horizon: RemoteMD’s partnership with PointClickCare which means integration will be immediate and seamless for communities using PCC.]

Elevate the Care Connection

Your people work hard to maintain a caring connection with each of your residents, and so do we. We work in concert with your staff to keep everyone connected and communicating – medical personnel, staff, residents and caring family members.

Maintenance Visits:

Ensure early detection and prevention of worsening conditions or illnesses.

Virtual Monthly Wellness Meetings:

Provide opportunities for family members to participate in video conferences with the Medical Provider during medical exams, routine checks, and as needed to ensure a clear understanding of the resident's condition and treatment plan.

Conferences with Medical Provider:

Raise confidence and comfort level of family members faced with making difficult decisions about their loved ones.

Initial Admittance Assessment:

Drastically reduce 30-day readmissions through a revolutionary approach designed to determine a resident’s “risk score,” which forms the basis for the most effective treatment plan, preventive care, and follow-up schedule to eliminate the need for 30-day hospital readmission. The process encompasses a thorough medical exam, including full medical history, allergies, medication/medication reconciliation; and conferences with the resident, staff, family members, pharmacist (when needed), and a RemoteMD medical provider.

Provide Needs Assessment and Customized Training

You already have a team of dedicated, compassionate professionals. RemoteMD will ensure they’re trained to perform at the highest level for the benefit of the residents and the organization.

We work side-by-side with you to assess existing protocols and skill sets, and then customize a cost-effective and comprehensive staff training plan to meet your needs:

  • Geriatric preventive care
  • Medical emergency response plan/policies/protocols (new, or review/revision of existing), and staff training
  • Behavioral health training
  • Customer service
  • Communication skills
  • Additional customized training upon request

Improve Organizational Efficiency and Productivity

Quality resident care is paramount, which also benefits the organization:


costs and possible CMS fines caused by excessive transports; create the potential for CMS “bonus” payments


opportunities for additional income streams through fee-for-service assistance onsite (e.g., 12-lead EKG)


convenience by conducting virtual visits onsite any time without an appointment, or when the PCP or community Medical Director is unavailable


everyone time by eliminating the need to work around appointments times, travel time, and wait time at a provider’s office or ER


everyone time by eliminating the need to work around appointment, travel and wait times; alleviate strain on staffing/scheduling due to unnecessary transports

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Learn more about how RemoteMD integrates technology with medicine and training to:

  • Dramatically reduce unnecessary transports, 30-day readmits, and associated costs
  • Provide 24/7 instant access to primary, preventive, and emergency healthcare
  • Increase quality and speed of resident care and comfort while minimizing stress and risks
  • Improve organization efficiency, productivity, income, and profitability

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