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Medical Staffing

Industrial Remote Environment Medical Specialists (IREMS)

An IREMS is a cross-trained paramedic functioning as a physician extender in the remote environment. All RemoteMD IREMS are required to complete OccuMedics and possess the skills necessary to function in other capacities, making them cost-effective in facilitating the success of your operation.

Proficiencies include:

  • Drilling & Production Clerks
  • HSE Advisors
  • Environmental Inspectors / Auditors
  • Accident prevention, First Aid / CPR / AED Instructors
  • Pre-tower Safety Meeting Facilitators
  • Certified Helicopter Landing Officer
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Safety Auditors & Fire Inspectors
  • Emergency Evacuation / Training Coordinators
  • Job-site Orientation Instructors

Certified Safety Technicians

Our Safety Technicians are an experienced and knowledgeable team to manage your health, safety and environmental (HSE) requirements.

  • Have a working knowledge of OSHA and IADC policies & procedures
  • Function as the on-site safety advisor working closely with your HSE management team assuring that all policies, procedures and behaviors are in accordance to your specifications.