IRE Advanced Airway


2-day intensive course designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively manage a patient’s airway. Using didactic lecture, case studies, and cadaveric lab sessions, students will be able to leave this course with the confidence and ability to perform when the time comes.

Learning Objectives
Identify key anatomical structures of the upper and lower airway
Utilize the principles of orotracheal, nasotracheal, and tracheal intubation
Define and recognize various forms of respiratory distress
Identify and utilize airway management tools
Apply multiple airway management techniques to patients in respiratory distress

Target Audience
The target audience for this activity includes paramedics and other healthcare specialists providing medical care in the IRE.


  • Airway anatomy review
  • Patient assessment
  • Indications and Applications
  • Equipment and procedures
  • The difficult airway
  • Cadaveric airway lab (2:1 student cadaver ratio)
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